Member Fees

        The following is an overview of membership fees in an order designed to help you distinguish between up-front and on-going expenses.

    Up-front Expenses

  1. Bullet    At application time there is a one-time, non-refundable $24 credit report fee, and a one-time membership purchase of $373.

  1. Bullet    If there are multiple people applying for co-membership, $24 will be assessed for each additional co-applicant.

  1. Bullet    At move-in, you will need to pay the equity amount agreed upon at the time of membership purchase along with your pro-rated carrying charges.

  1. Bullet    Equity on a 2 Bedroom starts at $500

  2. Bullet    Equity on a 3 Bedroom starts at $1000   

  3. Bullet    All equity amounts are negotiable with the seller


    On-going Expenses

  1. Bullet    Carrying charges are paid on a monthly basis just like you would pay rent each month.  They cover all expenses of the property.

  1. Bullet   Current carrying charge amounts:

  1. Bullet    2 bedroom range $673-$679

  1. Bullet    3 bedroom range $713-$719